• Ethan is married to Bethany, a Marriage and Family Therapist, Art Therapist and Michigan’s first Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist – Ethan and Bethany are blessed to have three wonderful children—Arden, their 11-year-old daughter; Canaan, their 9-year-old son; and Aven, their 6-year-old daughter. While Ethan takes great pride in his career and professional accomplishments, he is most proud of his family, which always comes first.


  • Troy City Councilman, elected November 2015 – Ethan has been a principled and dedicated public servant, committed to a robust and growing business environment, along with safe and community-centered neighborhoods for individuals and families.
  • Troy Attorney specializing in Elder Law & Estate Planning, Business Law, and Real Estate – Ethan’s core principle is that all clients should be treated with the individual attention and respect they deserve, in order to build lasting and personal relationships, while providing them with the legal expertise they require.
  • Special Assistant to President & Mrs. Ronald Reagan in their post-presidential office – Ethan was essential to numerous projects, and was fortunate to observe President Reagan’s leadership style, communication savvy, and skill in endearing himself with a variety of people.
  • Elected Board President of the Hills of Charnwood in Troy for 8 years and running – Ethan has served on the Hills of Charnwood board for over eight years, and has been elected and re-elected President of the Board for the past seven years, where Ethan presides over an active and fiscally conservative board.
  • 2016 Oakland County Executive Elite 40 Under 40 award – Presented by County Executive L. Brooks Patterson to honor exceptional individuals under age 40 who excel in their fields and improve the quality of life in Oakland County.
  • Elected Precinct Delegate for Troy’s 6th PrecinctEthan has been elevated to, and attended, multiple State Conventions and represented the voices and interests of the 6th Precinct.
  • Project Manager in the Office of the Chairman and CEO of Platinum Equity, Tom Gores – Ethan worked primarily on real estate projects for Mr. Gores and Platinum Equity.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, University of Southern California
  • Juris Doctorate, Whittier College School of Law, graduating Magna Cum Laude
  • Member of Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
  • Consultant and Volunteer for the Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial
  • Committee-Member for the Troy Community Coalition Annual Prayer Breakfast
  • Member of the Troy Kiwanis Club

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