Senator John Pappageorge, ret.

“Ethan is a decent, honest man with the intellect and commitment necessary to serve exceptionally well in the Michigan Legislature.”

Rep. Martin Howrylak

“I strongly support and endorse Ethan Baker for State Representative.  He is smart, thoughtful, courteous and a good listener.  Ethan Baker is an earnest and hardworking leader in our community, and he doesn’t rest until the job is done. He will represent us well in Lansing, working constructively with his colleagues to continue Michigan’s remarkable transformation and economic prosperity.  We need Ethan Baker to represent us in Lansing. We need Ethan Baker in the Michigan House of Representatives. Please join me in voting for Ethan Baker for State Representative on Tuesday, August 7.”


Clawson Mayor Pro Tem Matt Ulbrich

“Ethan has proven himself to be introspective, diplomatic, and caring. I’ve witnessed him wrestle with difficult issues and watched him lead in Troy with a careful balance of composure and confidence.”

Councilwoman Robin Beltramini, ret.

“I have known Ethan in both team member and team leader positions.  He consistently treats all people with respect, listens and studies before making a decision.  As a councilmember, I have seen him be the first to seek common ground when opinions are remarkably diverse and a consensus decision is most preferable.  Ethan can be a transformational leader—the kind that is essential to bridging the still growing political divide in our state.”



Councilman Dave Lambert, ret.

“I support Ethan Baker for State Representative because of his commitment to expanding our skilled trade education programs and schooling.”


Mayor Jeanne Stine, ret.:

“The citizens of Troy are most fortunate to have Ethan Baker represent them on Troy’s City Council.  Because of his experience as an attorney, his caring attitude for his family, his listening skills and thoughtful responses, his knowledge of the needs of our community due to current and past involvement with residents and their concerns, we will have the best legislator representing us when he is elected as our State Representative.”

The late Jim Werpetinski:

“Ethan Baker has honed his skills in listening and considering all points of view before making decisions while serving on Troy City Council.  This experience will bode him well to work in a bipartisan manner as a State Representative which will enable the best outcomes for all his constituents.  He has also been a champion for Troy seniors and has been supportive of senior’s concerns when brought to the attention of the Troy City Council.  As Ethan once worked for President Reagan, perhaps these attributes were instilled in him by the revered Ron and Nancy.” 

Quinn Favret, Youth Leader:

Ethan truly cares about making our community a better place. He is not a cookie cutter politician, Ethan is an energetic, lively, caring, and most of all listening.”